Patra ni Machi (in aluminium foil)

Patra ni machi (fish in banana leaf) is a popular Parsi dish which I first tried in a Parsi wedding. What is so amazing about this dish is its totally oil free but tastes very awesome.. But I wont be lying about preparing the same stuff in banana leafs rather I tried doing it with aluminum foil. So you can call it aluminum ni machi ..


Here are 2 versions of fish one is a tava fry which was prepared by my husband…yes when it comes to nonveg my husband is a great cook and we usually have 2 versions of every dish coz we compete and try to outdo each other.
So first lets start with my version..which will have a green masala. this dish varies from authentic Parsi patra ni machi and i have changed some ingredients according to my imagination and taste.
• 2 t spoon grated coconut
• Black pepper, jeera roasted with other whole masalas like bayleafs, star anise.
• Garlic 4 to. 5.
• Green chillies as hot as you like.
• 1 cup mint leaves and coriander.
You can add 1 t spoon of oil while making paste out of all the above masalas.
Add half lemon juice, salt and pinch of garam masala.
Apply this on your pomfret which has 3 to 4 deep slits…apply a thick layer on both the sides..

• Place the fish on the aluminum foil and fold in such a way that its sealed properly..
Steam it in a double boiler or idli maker…





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