Mysurpa From Shree Krishna Sweets


This sweet block of heaven from Chennai found its way to me thrice. I should thank my friends who fulfilled my wish each time they went to Chennai.

Mysurpa as it is called in Chennai is a melt in your mouth softer version of the stone like block that you get in Mumbai which is called Mysorepak .

Basically What makes this sweet so scrumptious are 3 sinful ingredients besan, unadultured ghee and sugar.

The amazing part about the taste is its so pleasingly light on your tongue (but probably heavier on the stomach coz of the amount of ghee that goes inside) still it makes a lasting effect on your Mind.

The besan and sugar is so fine that it creates a melt in your mouth magic. Just like sugar cubes which you put on your tongue move it for a second and its gone. Each time I did this it made me marvel at its perfection. Its not very fancy to look at but don’t but this book by its cover. If you ever get a chance to eat it don’t miss your chance.

This sweet is definitely on my trial list. But the thought of using so many sinful ingredients in one single dish makes me nervous.

Till then I intend to eat the last remaining crumb from the box and savor the experience as long as I can.


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