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So finally after lots of planning over the last few months Chhaya and Jay came over for dinner. Chhaya is a school friend and our friendship goes back to more than 15 yrs.
She got married just 15 days after my wedding and since then we both have been busy in our lives..just like i have found my passion in cooking she too bakes amazing cakes..
I wanted to make something simple and something which keeps the conversation going kind of food. So i started with some crispy beetroot rolls and after reading my blog on lemon fish fry she wanted to try it. I made my husband do the marination part because he is very good at it and knows exactly what will bring out the flavours.



i tried mushroom biryani for the first time and it came out really well. to go with it a simple corn and peanut salad and cottage cheese(paneer gravy cooked in tomato and onion sauce). i knew she doesn’t like mushroom but i also knew she wont be able to find out them out in the biryani. she will now after reading this blog šŸ˜›

The beetroot rolls came out really well with a crispy coating and softer mixture underneath which were rolled in vermicelli and deep fried.


so here goes the recipe for my Beetroot rolls:
4 potatoes boiled and mashed
3 beetroot grated
ginger garlic paste
green chillies
1 lemon juice
bunch of mint leaves
handful of corns
vermicelli,semolina for coating
oil for deep frying
salt to taste
mix all the above ingredients and give it any shape you like. roll them in vermicelli and semolina and deep fry.
Put them on tissue paper to drain the excess oil.

Chhaya had made some amazing red velvet cupcakes here is her cake recipe which you can find on her website http://www.recipebook.co.in



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