Raju Omelette @ VIP road, Baroda

In this small chirpy town of Baroda or Vadodra as they say it, where majority of the population is vegeterian but you will still find its share of eggetarian roaming around this side of VIP road, Karelibaug and the reason is Raju omelette.

ImageI went through the menu list on the wall and it starts with Rs 65 for a omelette pav which is also quite costly according to mumbai standard and it makes me wonder what is so special about it that people are willing to pay more than 100 bucks for a variety of egg dishes. I mean how creative can you get with eggs. The menu list is not too long, But you will still find each dish different from the other.
   The answer is the huge fan following and also the trust in quality which is being served for more then 2 decades. The kitchen is sparkling clean (which even puts me to shame :P) with around 12 to 15 people managing the kitchen yet people are standing and eating and they dont seem to mind at all.
You can see your omelette being made with no frills at all but with a generous amount of butter, the pavs(buns) are literally dipped in butter and each morsel tastes like a fluffy soft hot and spicy cotton. Worst part is it gets over in blink and you miss moment and you start craving for more 😦

I hear another outlet of Raju Omellete opening in Dubai and also getting awarded best road side eatery for Times Now Foodie award, its a huge acheivement for 51 yr-old Rajesh Bhogilal Rana better known as Raju after whom the joint is named.


6 thoughts on “Raju Omelette @ VIP road, Baroda

    • haha true but 65 Indian Rupees is somewhere around 1.50 Swiss Franc.. so i think its not that costly.. But I admit Rs 65 is still costly for an omelette according to Indian standard

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