Eggless Banana Pancakes


My last post was 4 months back and if you’re all wondering what’s keeping me busy these days, as much as i hate to say this its the new project at work which is taking away all my time and energy. Even if I cooked something which I want to share with my fellow bloggers and friends, me and my husband(its usually him) hogs it down so quickly that by the time I fetch my camera I find only the remains of once a beautifully and passionately prepared dish.

Few days back I met somebody who is fond of my blog and asked me why I wasn’t posting anything. That’s when I realized how much I missed blogging and want to make sure that I shall find time for this passion whenever I get some time.

So today I am sharing a simple breakfast recipe which I wanted to try since a long time. As the month of Shravan has started we have abandoned non vegetarian food. And to imagine pancakes without eggs is very difficult.

But I have always learned from my experience that there is always a way and substitutes for ingredients that you will find in your kitchen.

So here is the recipe for my eggless banana pancakes

2 cups maida(all purpose flour)

1/2 half wheat flour

2 spoon baking powder

2 cups of milk

Half a tspoon cardamon powder

Few drops of vanilla extract

2 bananas finely chopped


Salt and sugar as per taste

2 tspoon butter


Mix flour, salt, sugar, cardamon powder, milk and make a thin paste. Add milk as per the consistency required. I like my pancakes thin and crisp so the consistency of the batter is thin.

Add chopped bananas in the above mixture. And save some for garnishing.

Heat your nonstick pan and add the butter. Once the butter starts melting add it to the batter and mix well.

Using a round spatula make medium size pancakes and spread it evenly. Flip the sides and make sure its evenly cooked. The aromas of banana mixed with cardamon will quickly fill your kitchen.

Garnish your golden brown pancakes with bananas and honey. Instead of honey you can also try hot melted chocolate or maple syrup.