Mysurpa From Shree Krishna Sweets


This sweet block of heaven from Chennai found its way to me thrice. I should thank my friends who fulfilled my wish each time they went to Chennai.

Mysurpa as it is called in Chennai is a melt in your mouth softer version of the stone like block that you get in Mumbai which is called Mysorepak .

Basically What makes this sweet so scrumptious are 3 sinful ingredients besan, unadultured ghee and sugar.

The amazing part about the taste is its so pleasingly light on your tongue (but probably heavier on the stomach coz of the amount of ghee that goes inside) still it makes a lasting effect on your Mind.

The besan and sugar is so fine that it creates a melt in your mouth magic. Just like sugar cubes which you put on your tongue move it for a second and its gone. Each time I did this it made me marvel at its perfection. Its not very fancy to look at but don’t but this book by its cover. If you ever get a chance to eat it don’t miss your chance.

This sweet is definitely on my trial list. But the thought of using so many sinful ingredients in one single dish makes me nervous.

Till then I intend to eat the last remaining crumb from the box and savor the experience as long as I can.


Lemon Fish Fry

My husband made this amazing fish fry this Sunday, the masala was so eye catching as you can see that in the pic below. Every time I see this pic my mouth starts watering. Its a sallow fry fish a bit unhealthier version than my steam fish but I must confess I loved the fried one a bit more then my Patra ni Machi version. I think what they say about fried stuff is true they are all comfort food. The lemony and chili flavor in this dish keeps lingering in your mouth for a long time. I would suggest to marinade the fish in the masala for 5 to 6 hrs.


So here goes the recipe..


10 to 15 garlic cloves.

3 dried red chilli

Turmeric powder half a pinch

Small piece of ginger.

Whole black pepper corns

1cup of corainder and mint leaves.

1 lemon

salt to taste

2 spoon wheat flour

1 spoon semolina (rava)

Mix all the ingredients in a grinder with half a spoon salt. Leave some garlic with the skin intact and sallow fry it.

Make 3 slits on both sides of the pomfret so that the masala goes deep inside.

Coat the fish in this thick masala on both the sides. Take some wheat flour add 2 spoon semolina in it. Coat the flour on both the sides of the fish.

Sallow fry the fish from both the sides until the later turns crispy.

Roasted garlic are the amazing combination with fried fish also try it with onions with a t spoon of vinegar on it.


Patra ni Machi (in aluminium foil)

Patra ni machi (fish in banana leaf) is a popular Parsi dish which I first tried in a Parsi wedding. What is so amazing about this dish is its totally oil free but tastes very awesome.. But I wont be lying about preparing the same stuff in banana leafs rather I tried doing it with aluminum foil. So you can call it aluminum ni machi ..


Here are 2 versions of fish one is a tava fry which was prepared by my husband…yes when it comes to nonveg my husband is a great cook and we usually have 2 versions of every dish coz we compete and try to outdo each other.
So first lets start with my version..which will have a green masala. this dish varies from authentic Parsi patra ni machi and i have changed some ingredients according to my imagination and taste.
• 2 t spoon grated coconut
• Black pepper, jeera roasted with other whole masalas like bayleafs, star anise.
• Garlic 4 to. 5.
• Green chillies as hot as you like.
• 1 cup mint leaves and coriander.
You can add 1 t spoon of oil while making paste out of all the above masalas.
Add half lemon juice, salt and pinch of garam masala.
Apply this on your pomfret which has 3 to 4 deep slits…apply a thick layer on both the sides..

• Place the fish on the aluminum foil and fold in such a way that its sealed properly..
Steam it in a double boiler or idli maker…




Dudhi Ka Dalcha

So you hear the word Dudhi and you think no ways not today.. that happens with me and my husband you buy it but cannot figure out why you did. The other day i ran out of vegetables in my fridge and only thing peeping out of it was dudhi. The moment i saw it i was like please no there has to be some option. So after thinking for a while thought of mixing it with masoor dal and i made a spicy masoor dal with dudhi in disguise and we both liked it.

After few days when i was going through some traditional hyderabadi cuisine i came across a dish called Dalcha. Now i kept wondering wow i discovered this dish without knowing there is a delicacy that already exist. This time i followed the recipe from a book but did some variations of my own. Like skipping the tamarind part and bringing in the sour flavour using tomatoes and lemon.

traditionally this recipe is made with red lentils ie masoor dal and chana dal and for nonvegeterians mutton is used. Mostly had with naan or chapati but i have made this version with bottlegourd and had rice as an accomplishment.
so here you have my version Dudhi ka Dalcha.

1/2 cup Red lentils (masoor dal)
1/2 cup tur dal
1/2 cup moong dal

handful of peanuts
 red chilli powder
 garam masala powder
 grated ginger
half bottlegourd peeled and cut into small pieces
1 onion
1 tomatoe
grated ginger
2 tspoon oil
half a lemon

for tadka:
 fenugreek seed meethi(1/2 tspoon)
 cumin seeds (jeera) (1/2 tspoon)
 4 chopped garlic
 curry leaves
 1 chopped green chili and 1 whole red chilly

Wash the dals and peanuts properly add turmeric powder, half tspoon red chilli powder, salt and pressure cook till its done fry sliced onions, add grated ginger in a kadai add tomatoes red chili powder and garam masala powder as per taste. once the onions and tomatoes are cooked add the bottlegourd pieces and simmer it till its half cooked. mix the mixture with the dals and adjust the salt and spices according to your taste.

for tadka
heat 2 tspoon ghee, add cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, sliced garlic, white til, 1 green chopped chili, curry leaves and whole red chilli .. once the garlic starts turning brown mix it with the dal.
let the dalcha simmer for sometime till the dudhi is perfectly done. you can also add lemon to bring the tangy taste.

Dalcha has a very rich flavour which can be either had with naan(indian bread) or rice.

Yummy Chicken Biryani


I was never a fan of biryani until i tasted this one made by my mother in law. Any other biryani tasted in restaurant cannot be compared to this. I would have never tried making a biryani myself as am not a very big fan of long cooking methods. Although this recipe is not quick but every morsel is worth the effort and time it takes. plus the credits and appreciation you get from your family members and colleagues as i pack it the next day for my lunch at work.

As i said this recipe is not quick but it is easy as it doesn’t require any specific technique to master. Besides marinating properly and cutting almost half kg onion its a cakewalk.

so lets start the preparation

Amount of rice and chicken should be almost same
curd not very sour (no substitute for curd, no tomatoes please)
garlic, ginger, lots of green chillies. This mixture should be a little more spicier as when mixed with rice should give a proper taste.
around 6 onions medium size(sliced)
Everest ka biryani pulav masala. (yes this is one awesome masala made by Everest).
pudina almost half a bunch (very important)

marinate all the above things minus the onions and keep for atleast 3 to 4 hrs

take oil in a pan and put those sliced onions saute it till golden brown.
put the chicken first. A thick gravy will form after u marinate so save that marination and put it after almost 5 mins after you have put the chicken.

pressure cook this mixture till 1 or 2 whistle.
if lots of gravy is formed after this than reduce it on flame.

Rice (1 kg rice for 1 kg chicken)
chicken and rice should always be same quantity.. 1 kg biryani will be sufficient for atleast 5 to 6 people.

put 2 t spoon oil in cooker.
saute some onions maybe a half of it. badi elaichi, tej pata, peppercorns, jeera (sahi jeera will b better)
put half the rice in cooker and cook it.
please ensure that rice doesn’t stick to each other.
I have noticed that cooking huge quantity of rice in cooker makes it sticky and i usually struggle and get nervous when this part comes. You can also use draining method to make non sticky rice.
you will require some food synthetic color as well. yellow or orange color. only half a pinch
you can also replace saffron mixed in 3 teaspoon milk and 2 elaichi
after everything is done.
take a big deep vessel which you can put to dum ensure it should have a proper upper lid too which can fix properly.

rub these vessel with some ghee so that the rice doesnot stick to the vessel.
put some rice first than chicken gravy and some pieces and again the rice.

after final rice put the color dissolve it in water.
2 drops of kevda essence. sukha rose petals both this is optional,
some pudina leaves,
take 1 onion medium size, slice it properly and then fry it in oil .. this is for garnishing
you will also require coal. Now this is a premium stuff which will not just make your biryani smell awesome but also the charcoal will make it taste royal.

once the charcoal turns red put it in a small vati and put half spoon ghee on it. when the smoke starts coming place the vati on top of the biryani vessel and close the lid for like 5 mins.

you can remove the coal and again place the lid on the vessel
take a tava and put it on gas and then the biryani vessel on it. flame should be very slow.

and then your yummy royal biryani is ready.. keep it on flame for 15 mins that would be enough..:)

promise to come up with detail photographs of the making.